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Wildfire in Australia 2

Presented by: 莊妍淳 (Sharon), 余佳君 (Amy), 李家羽 (Ashley), 伍冠臻(Nani), 楊梓涵 (Sally), 黃方妤 (Tiffany)

Scripted by CNN Student News, Oct. 21st
Wildfire in Australia
CARL AZUZ, CNN ANCHOR: Bringing stories from around the world right to your classroom. This is CNN STUDENT NEWS. First up today, we are heading to Australia where officials are worried that a wildfire outbreak could get worse. At least 56 fires are burning across Australia. On Sunday, authorities said 12 of them were out of control. A very dry winter and month without much rain set up conditions for wildfires. In this video, you can see how strong the winds are. That`s not helping either. Those winds can spread the wildfires, making it harder for firefighters to get the flames under control. Local news agencies are predicting hot, dry and windy conditions over the next few days.

Our next story takes us to Syria. International inspectors are destroying the country`s chemical weapons. The civil war is as brutal as ever. Since the fighting started two and a half years ago, more than 2 million people have fled from Syria. They might have gotten away from the violence, but life as a refugee comes with its own different challenges.

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