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Precious violin found in Titanic

Presented by: 鄧開文 (Kevin), 林柔君 (Amy), 胡芳羽 (Fanny), 陳俞利 (Shirley),陳奕欣 (Mia), 賴孟茹 (Lesley), 賴怡儒 (Sharah), 謝依婷 (April)

Scripted by CNN Student News, Oct. 21st
AZUZ: This violin once belonged to a musician named Wallace Hartley. If the name`s unfamiliar, you`ll know the ship he sailed on. Hartley was the band leader of the Titanic. That`s the reason why the instrument fetched $1.7 million in auction October 19th England. Unlike many other Titanic artifacts, the violin didn`t fall to the ocean floor. Historians believe it was strapped to Hartley`s body when it was pulled from the water days after Titanic sank. It turned up in an attic in Britain seven years ago. And what helped identify it, was an engraving from Hartley`s fiance, “For Wallace on the Occasion of Our Engagement from Maria. The violin was returned to her after the shipwreck. Maria never married. To be fair, other historic violins have gone for more. A rare 1721 Stradivarius once fetched almost $16 million. This violin is one of many Titanic artifacts, including others from Wallace Hartley to come up for auction. It may be the most symbolic, though. It tells the story that is at once a romance and the tragedy. As remembered in films about the Titanic, this is believed to be the instrument Hartley used for the hymn “Nearer God To Thee” as the band played on and the ship sank into the icy Atlantic. Like the Titanic itself, Hartley`s violin keeps its secrets locked deep inside.

Comprehension Question
What’s the story behind a violin that was recently auctioned for $1.7 million in England?

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