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Students’ opinions on selfies

How do students feel about taking selfies?

Mia 24 & Fanny 19 say:

Um..we don’t really mind others posting their selfies on FB unless they are beautiful or handsome, otherwise… are annoying. By the way, neither Fanny nor I like to post photos on social networking sites.

Mike05 says:

I think selfies it a sick ,but it not too serious to me. Because everyone has he or she own idea to do what he or she want to do.But too much it is not good.

Noah(39) says:

I think selfies are fine as long as they don’t harm our eyes. 😛

But I don’t really like that video, because I think he is over reacting.


謝依婷38 says:

It’s ok for me to take selfies because I sometimes do so. But I don’t like people who usually take selfies and put them on the website. Because photos look same, only scenery and clothes are different.


nani says:

Some people take selfies is a way for them to show their confidence of their appearence. Not often, if there is a wonderful view, i will take selfies. The pictures in the related websites are so incredible, espescially the bottom fill with sand. 12&17


Chaves (30) says:

Generally speaking, I love selfies and also enjoy seeing others. But sometimes it really makes me sick when I see some strange people uploading some weird selfies with a terrible facial expression or … you know what I’m talking about. So, a lovely, funny, handsome or gorgeous selfies is acceptable.

Well….. I think that I just hate those weird guys.

BTW, I usually take selfies every single day.(But I won’t upload it every day, that’ll be terrible:-S)


Sally Yang says:

I like to take selfies and I enjoy seeing others’ selfies very much. (Sally 29)

Rou-Chun Lin says:

I don’t think that selfies can harm relationships, contrarily, I think it can let you make more friends.

And you also can share your news with selfies to your friends on Facebook or other blogs. Like where you are or what are you doing, etc

Fang-Yu Huang says:

Taking pics is common behavior among teenagers. Sharing selfies on their blog or facebook is a great way to show their true feeling to others. I support them.

(Tiffany 26)33 says:

I think selfies is funny ~

When seeing my friends’ selfies, I can know how they are recently.

Sometimes I find i can see a person’s another side that he do not act as usual.

Sometimes the same person uplosds too many selfies on facebook really annoy me and I seldom take selfies because I think it is little embarrass.

Anny 22 says:

I think seeing others’ selfies is quite interesting! Because the pictures they upload are the ones they think should be praised and to be awesome.

Sometimes i think it’s a pleasure to see others’ selfies because sometimes the one you see on the internet is also the one who is really pleasing to see!.


Liu Chin Hua 32 says:

everyone somewhat likes to take selfies. as for me, i take selfies whenever i want! but not quite often as some people. also, i think whether people like a person taking selfies depends on one’s appearance or how funny this photo makes you feel! people love to enjoy watching beautiful things or somthing hilarious. it’s all out of our curiosity and we love to be amused!


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