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Letters to Prince George

Dear Prince George,

Welcome to this lovely world! We’d like to ask you three questions. Question 1: If you can choose your life, will you still want to be born to this family? Question 2: Will you be worried about being bald just as your father? Question 3: Will your parents limit what kinds of people you should make friends with because you are a British prince?

We also want to give you three advises to help this world become better. First, we’d like you to establish diplomatic relations with Taiwan. We’ve been suppressed by China for a long time. If you can establish diplomatic relations with Taiwan, it will help us a lot. Furthermore, we also want you to help Taiwan to become a member of the UN. Finally, we hope you can work for protecting the Amazon Rainforest so that Greenhouse Effect can be decrease.

It’s a great pleasure for us to have the opportunity to write this letter for you. Thank you for your time. Wish you a happy life.

Sincerely yours,

Fanny & Mia

Dear Prince George,

I am a journalist from FS Magazine, I am writing this letter to ask you a few questions of how you feel as being a prince of Britain. As we all know you are third to heir the throne, so do you have lots of pressure when being trained? Also do you often feel gloomy when people with the same age around you get to do some crazy things but you can’t since you are the prince and you have to care your public image? If you do, what do you do as your hobby? Also, the economy in Europe is declining, let alone Britain, so I think the royal family should cut some money off they spend on meaningless events. What’s more, to save the environment, the officials should advocate plans that could reduce the engine displacement of carbon dioxide. Last but not least, always treat your citizens fairly and genuinely, and you can make a better world.



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