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Robin Williams

Robin Williams Tribute Video (1951 – 2014) – Movie Montage

Remembering Robin Williams–The Ellen Show

Conan Remembers Robin Williams, The Best Talk Show Guest In The World

Robin Williams On Depression: In His Own Words

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Pharrell Williams–Come Get It Bae

What does “Bae” mean?

Do you got a bae?


Too much sugar can make you dumb

Shocking Amounts of Sugar People Eat Around The World

The Crazy Amount Of Sugar Hiding In Random Foods

How sugar affects the brain – Nicole Avena

Taiwan recognized for World Cup jerseys made from recycled PET bottles

Recycle PET staple fiber extrusion line

President of Uruguay

The poorest president in the world

Classroom Panel Discussion on News Articles

Classroom Panel Discussion 班級討論會
Each group conducts a mini panel discussion on the selected topic in front of the class. The moderator first introduces the panelists to the audience, and then states the purpose for the discussion. The panelists answer the questions raised by the moderator in the process of discussion. One or two viewers may call in to ask further questions, and the moderator may call out to hear the voices of the audience.
Moderator : _______________( ) 主持人
Panelist A : ________________ ( ) 參與討論者 ( experts/guest speakers )
Panelist B : ________________ ( )

panel discussion_schedule

Example panel discussion

Stabbing Incident Illustrate Need for Better Psychological Assistance, Awareness and Acceptance

Moderator: Hello, everyone. Welcome to Taiwan’s News Watch Room. I’m Patty Yi. Today, we’ve invited two special guests to our show. One is a psychiatrist, who is also teaching at Harvard University, Krystal Chen. The other is New Taipei City Police Department Director-General, Barry Huang.

Moderator: Compared with many other major cities in the world, Taipei is viewed as one of the safest one in Asia. However, a devastating attack on MRT recently shocked the whole society. A 21-year-old student, Cheng Chieh, hacked at unsuspecting commuters with a long knife randomly, leaving four people dead and 22 injured. Mr. Huang, how could something like this happen in such a peaceful country?

Mr. Huang : Chen had apparently been planning the attack for some time. The suspect told us that he had since primary school wanted to do something big and that he had shared the idea with some of his high-school and college classmates. He had also posted some disturbing articles on Facebook before this mass murder. According to his friend, he was under pressure from school and his job search and that he felt suicidal.

Moderator: Is this only an individual case? What can we learn from this tragedy? How do you see it, Ms Chen?

Prof. Chen: Although many Americans have become used to random violent attacks in the media, this incident is relatively new to Taiwan and illustrates the need for teachers, parents and psychologists to accurately assess mental problems. Culturally, Asian families are less inclined to seek help from psychiatrists, preferring to keep their personal matters private. When problems do develop, parents and doctors are quick to medicate rather than explore emotional issues behind the problems. That’s why Cheng Chieh’s mental problems were overlooked for so many years and hence brought about such a brutal incident.

Moderator: This incident could have been prevented if we had had better psychological assistance and awareness. Now, let’s answer the call-in from our audience.

Viewer 1 : Prof. Chen, you mentioned that parents and doctors in Taiwan would turn to medical treatment instead of psychological counseling. Why do you think this would happen?

Prof. Chen: I think that is because our culture places more value on the physical medical profession over the psychological one. If people can be more open about their struggles, they can find the necessary support to overcome them before serious problems arise.

Moderator: It’s our call-out time. Today’s discussion question is, as a parent, if your child has anti-social behavior, what would you do?

Viewer 2 : This is Ms Wu from Chia-Yi, I would take him to see a counselor, and spend more time talking to him and giving him more love and care.

Moderator: Thank you Ms Wu. That is all for today’s show. Thank you and see you next time.

World Cup Fever

Tim Howard–US goalkeeper

Tim Howard1 Tim Howard

Brazil’s defeat to Germany

Brazil's defeat2

Brazil's defeat1

Brazil's defeat

Uraguay,  Luis Suarez bit Italina’s player, Giorgio Chiellini

bite3 bite2 bite

News anchoring

Summer of 2014–a Disastrous One for Airlines Worldwide

Buying a home remains a dream for many in Taiwan

Train service in Taiwan gets better

World Cup fever sweeps Taiwan

Students’ news report

South Korea Struggles with Maritime Tragedy

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

The Rise of Sunflower Student Movement

Mass Murder on Taipei’s MRT

News anchoring activity

Hi class, here are some tips on how to make a video news report. Watch the video of a group of high school students planning and filming their school report. While planning your story,be sure to consider the five Ws– what, who, when, where, and why. Also, pay attention to the opening and ending of your report. Here are some examples:


1. Good morning. It’s 10 o’clock. I’m Nancy Sun and it’s time for EZ News on ICRT.

2. Hi, I’m Kathy Jones,  It’s Tuesday, Sept.30th, 2014. and it is 10 minutes to midnight. Here is the latest  headline…

3. Hello and welcome to (news channel) at/on (time or date). I’m (name) and here are the main news stories for today.


1. That’s it for EZ News today. Enjoy the rest of your morning! I’m Nancy Sun.

2. This is __________ ( name ), reporting from _________ news.

 Tips on how to make a news report:

school report

How to write a news article:

News anchoring activity:

Work in groups of 4, write up a news story and make a film of it.

Crisis in Ukraine

Listen to the report on the crisis in Ukraine on CNN Student News:

Ukrainean Crisis

The transcript:

CARL AZUZ, CNN ANCHOR: CNN STUDENT NEWS starts right now. I`m Carl Azuz. Things are changing rapidly in Ukraine. Yesterday, more Russian troops reportedly entered Crimea, it`s a southern region of Ukraine where there is a lot of support for Russia. A Crimean official said things there were quiet last night, there were no signs of fighting. Ukraine`s ousted President Viktor Yanukovych said he asked Russia to send in its military to establish peace and to defend the people of Ukraine. The United States is considering sanctions, economic punishments against Russia. It says Russia broke international law by sending troops to Ukraine. It`s also offering money to support Ukraine`s new government.


Some of the ripple effects – Russia`s stock market was down, Europe`s were down, America`s was down. Corn, wheat and oil prices were up. Ukraine`s a top grain producer for Europe, so a conflict there could disrupt that. And Russia supplies about 25 percent of Europe`s natural gas, much of that flows through pipelines in Ukraine. It shows you how the global economy is connected and affected by events in the nation that`s about the size of Texas.




JIM SCIUTTO, CNN CORRESPONDENT: There`s been a lot of questions about Russia`s interests in Ukraine as well as the West`s interests. So, we could look at the map and we`re going to get a much better sense. First of all, a reminder here: Ukraine is in Europe, it`s not a million miles away, the capital just a few hundred miles from cities that Americans travel to all the time: Rome, Paris, London. And look here, on its western border, four key American allies: Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania. All members of NATO and under NATO, the U.S. has an obligation, a treaty obligation to defend them, if they come under threat.


Now, Ukraine not a member of NATO, but in recent years there`s been a lot of talk about bringing them in to a closer relationship.


Let`s get a better sense now of Russia`s interests there. You look at Crimea, on the tip of that peninsula, the Sevastopol Military Naval Base, this is the headquarters of Russia`s Black Sea Fleet. It`s their only warm water port, all the ports up north, they are frozen in winter. Access to the Black Sea, to the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, essential for Russia, and that`s the first place that many of those 6,000 and even more Russian troops went when they crossed the border from Russia into Crimea. I remind you, sovereign Ukrainian territory. But let`s look inside the country as well, because there`s a real split between east and west there.


Western part of the country here leans towards Europe, only five percent of the population in this part speaks Russian, ethnic Russians. Eastern part of the country, 75 percent here, they speak Russian. They are ethnic, they feel the pull towards Russia. This part of the country feels the pull towards the West and Europe. Jim Sciutto, CNN, New York.



In memory of Robin Williams ( July 21, 1951 – August 11, 2014 )

I am fond of funny and witty people. I therefore married a man like that and admired celebrities with such quality. On hearing the death of Robin Williams, my heart sank. My first impression on him was an inspiring English teacher in Dead Poet Society, which is a moive I saw in high school. Ever since then, I was amazed by almost every character he played. In addition to Good Will Hunting, I also love Birdcage, Jumanji, Vicentennial Man and Night at the Museum. However, I didn’t really try to understand Robin Williams until I heard of his death. I read an article on Time and a report on BBC. I was shocked that he had been suffering from depression, drug and alcohol abuse for many years. I found that he has a talent to bring happiness to the world but himself. He has so much love and attention from his family, friends and fans, but not from himself. I guess the greatest challenge and enemy of a man is himself. He has brought so much laughters and inspiration not only to his audience, but also to the people around him. One of his comedian friends once said, ” Robin looks after everyone. If only he would have looked after himself.” However, in a sense, he is immortal. He lives in the sitcoms and movies he starred. As what I read from Time, ” Our friend isn’t gone forever. We’ll always keep him right here.”

( Excerpted from Time, Aug 25th, 2014. )
Addicted to cocaine and alcohol, Williams also made frequent guest appearances at rehab clinics, held over by his own demand. His wild ways exhausted two wives and widowed the third, Susan Schneider, whom by all accounts he adored. He suffered from depression, not a rare malady for comedians and surrendered to it on Aug.11, when he handed himself in his Tiburon, Calif., home. Rigor mortis had already set in when his personal assistant found him. Williams was 63.

Movie goers detect the ache in his comic panache and the sad sweetness at his core.

Zelda, 25, Williams’ daughter
My family has always been private about our time spent together. It was our way of keeping thing that was ours, with a man we shared with an entire world. But now that’s gone, and I feel stripped bare. My last day with his was his birthday—July 21st, three weeks before his death—and I will be forever grateful that my brothers and I got to spend that time alone with him, sharing gifts and laughter. He was always warm, even in his darkest moments. While I’ll never, ever understand how he could be loved so deeply and not find it in his heart to stay, there’s minor comfort in knowing our grief and loss, in some small way, is shared with millions.

Robin’s father Robert, a Ford-Motor executive, died in 1987. In Robin’s 1998 Oscar acceptance speech, he reserved the final thank-you for “my father up there, the man who when I said I wanted to be an actor, he said, “Wonderful, just have a backup profession, like welding.” Robin also had a really formal upbringing. He came from an upper-middle-class family, very educated, very well read, very knowledgeable about everything, about literature.

With both parents often absent, Robin was a lonely child, playing with his enormous collections of toys; the family maids were his main minders and first audience. The Williams later moved to a 40-room home in Bloomfield Hills, a suburb of Detroit, and when Robert retired he settled the family in Marin County, California, where Robin attended Redwood High School and emerged from his shell of shyness to join the drama society. In senior year he was voted both “funniest” and “least likely to succeed.” He attended Claremont Men’s College and later received a scholarship to study at New York City Juilliard School. One of his classmates was Christopher Reeve, who would find stardom as the movies’ Superman in 1978, the year Williams broke out as Mork—two actors with Broadway dreams who reached megafame playing endearing aliens.

There are some more reports about Wiliams

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