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Classroom Panel Discussion on News Articles

November 29, 2014

Classroom Panel Discussion 班級討論會
Each group conducts a mini panel discussion on the selected topic in front of the class. The moderator first introduces the panelists to the audience, and then states the purpose for the discussion. The panelists answer the questions raised by the moderator in the process of discussion. One or two viewers may call in to ask further questions, and the moderator may call out to hear the voices of the audience.
Moderator : _______________( ) 主持人
Panelist A : ________________ ( ) 參與討論者 ( experts/guest speakers )
Panelist B : ________________ ( )

panel discussion_schedule

Example panel discussion

Stabbing Incident Illustrate Need for Better Psychological Assistance, Awareness and Acceptance

Moderator: Hello, everyone. Welcome to Taiwan’s News Watch Room. I’m Patty Yi. Today, we’ve invited two special guests to our show. One is a psychiatrist, who is also teaching at Harvard University, Krystal Chen. The other is New Taipei City Police Department Director-General, Barry Huang.

Moderator: Compared with many other major cities in the world, Taipei is viewed as one of the safest one in Asia. However, a devastating attack on MRT recently shocked the whole society. A 21-year-old student, Cheng Chieh, hacked at unsuspecting commuters with a long knife randomly, leaving four people dead and 22 injured. Mr. Huang, how could something like this happen in such a peaceful country?

Mr. Huang : Chen had apparently been planning the attack for some time. The suspect told us that he had since primary school wanted to do something big and that he had shared the idea with some of his high-school and college classmates. He had also posted some disturbing articles on Facebook before this mass murder. According to his friend, he was under pressure from school and his job search and that he felt suicidal.

Moderator: Is this only an individual case? What can we learn from this tragedy? How do you see it, Ms Chen?

Prof. Chen: Although many Americans have become used to random violent attacks in the media, this incident is relatively new to Taiwan and illustrates the need for teachers, parents and psychologists to accurately assess mental problems. Culturally, Asian families are less inclined to seek help from psychiatrists, preferring to keep their personal matters private. When problems do develop, parents and doctors are quick to medicate rather than explore emotional issues behind the problems. That’s why Cheng Chieh’s mental problems were overlooked for so many years and hence brought about such a brutal incident.

Moderator: This incident could have been prevented if we had had better psychological assistance and awareness. Now, let’s answer the call-in from our audience.

Viewer 1 : Prof. Chen, you mentioned that parents and doctors in Taiwan would turn to medical treatment instead of psychological counseling. Why do you think this would happen?

Prof. Chen: I think that is because our culture places more value on the physical medical profession over the psychological one. If people can be more open about their struggles, they can find the necessary support to overcome them before serious problems arise.

Moderator: It’s our call-out time. Today’s discussion question is, as a parent, if your child has anti-social behavior, what would you do?

Viewer 2 : This is Ms Wu from Chia-Yi, I would take him to see a counselor, and spend more time talking to him and giving him more love and care.

Moderator: Thank you Ms Wu. That is all for today’s show. Thank you and see you next time.


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