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“Selfie” Named Word of 2013

December 31, 2013


Hi class, do you remember we’ve talked about this word before in the article, “Facebook selfies may harm your relationship?” English is a rapidly changing language. English speakers around the world keep inventing new words. See if you know the meanings of the following words that were coined in the past few years. ( P.S. Most answers can be found in the articles above. )












credit crunch

carbon footprint


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  1. 劉謹華32 permalink

    Showrooming is when a shopper visits a store to check out a product but then purchases the product online from home.

  2. Nani 12 permalink

    Credit crunch prevents the potential state-run enterprise buyers from getting loans from the banks.

  3. April38 permalink

    credit crunch:a state in which there is a short supply of cash to lend to businesses and consumers and interest rates are high
    Ex:Credit crunch prevents the potential state-run enterprise buyers from getting loans from the banks.

  4. 賴怡儒37 permalink

    11. unfriend 解除好友關係

    EX: I decided to unfriend my roommate on Facebook after we had a fight.

    • 賴怡儒37 permalink

      EXPLAIN:To remove someone as a ‘friend’ on a social networking site such as Facebook.

  5. Chaves(30) permalink

    The Oxford Dictionary defines Chav as an informal British derogatory meaning a young lower-class person who displays brash and loutish behaviour and wears real or imitation designer clothes.

    倫敦熱鬧的皮卡迪力商圈,很容易就可以找到最時髦的Chav,Chav是頭戴格子棒球帽,邊走邊講電話的族群,另外一個明顯特徵,就是脖子上掛著粗大金項鍊. Chav族最開始是出身富裕家庭的白種男孩,為了炫燿他們買得起名牌Burberry,把Burberry最顯眼的圖案穿戴上身,還加上金項鍊.假如是女生,白球鞋跟金色大耳環則是不可少的裝扮. 但是很多年輕人對這種造型看不順眼. 他們有點俗氣,都穿類似的衣服老實說,大家滿討厭Chav族 話雖如此,Chav卻蔚為流行,有人出書介紹,報紙接連報導,甚至有Chav風格的嘻哈樂團 不過Burberry不願意讓人把他們的品牌跟Chav族扯上關係,已經停產棒球帽.有人說棒球帽會那麼流行,是順手牽羊的年輕人為了躲避商店裡的監視錄影機,才紛紛戴起來的.Burberry的對策正好可以跟這些人劃清界限。


    1) Stop being chav!
    2) You dress like a chav!

  6. Yvonne 16 permalink

    3.Schmeat, which is artificial meat.(用生物組織合成出的肉)
    ex:Eatting schmeat is not healthy to our body.

  7. Cindy 35 permalink

    ex:The athlete usually puts his welfies on twitter.

  8. Pei Chen Huang 27 permalink

    Twerk (v): dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance.

    Ex: Twerk it girl, work it girl!

  9. Sally 29 permalink

    Schmeat, a combination of sheet and meat, is artifically created meat.

    The ambitions for schmeat are huge, but the taste evidently falls short of a standard burger.

  10. kevin permalink

    Drelfie is a person had a lttle drunk and he wants to selfie.

  11. Noah(39) permalink

    13. carbon footprint(碳足跡 n.)

    A carbon footprint is the measure of the environmental impact of a particular individual or organization’s lifestyle or operation, measured in units of carbon dioxide.

    Scholars suggest the most effective way to decrease a carbon footprint is to decrease the amount of energy needed for production.

  12. Mia24 permalink

    11. unfriend: to remove from one’s friends list
    ex.I’ll certainly unfriend my boyfriend if we break up.

  13. Ashley 17 permalink

    Chav – a person who wears fashionable brands, flashy jewelry, etc., but is regarded as having bad or lower-class taste.
    ex.If you call someone a chav, you think that the way they look shows a lack of taste and education, although they may wear expensive clothes.

  14. Tina 31 permalink

    5.omnishambles 極度混亂、全面失控
    A situation that is bad or mismanaged in every way.
    ex:Between the car accident, the food poisoning and the lost keys, the holiday was an omnishambles.

  15. Mike05 permalink

    5. omnishambles 全面失控或極度混亂
    Over the past month we have seen the charity tax shambles, the churches tax shambles, the caravan tax shambles and the pasty tax shambles, so we are all keen to hear the Prime Minister’s view on why he thinks, four weeks on from the Budget, even people within Downing Street are calling it an omnishambles Budget.

  16. 比特幣(英語:Bitcoin,簡寫:BTC,貨幣符號:฿)是一種用戶自治的、全球通用的加密電子貨幣。

    Bitcoin, n.: a digital currency in which transactions can be performed without the need for a central bank.

    I have Bitcoin!

  17. 13余佳珉 permalink

    A carbon footprint is defined as: the total sets of greenhouse gas emissions caused by an organization, event, product or person. 碳足跡

    For example: To calculate the carbon dioxide emissions based on the fuel consumption is the best way.

  18. Hsuan-Yi permalink

    Twerk means a raunchy dance move performed by Miley Cyrus.
    ex:The word “twerk” gain its popularity around the world.

  19. 34 Cindy permalink

    Belfie is a photo of someone’s behind.
    Some people like to share their belfies on Facebook.

  20. Fion 28 permalink

    Binge-watching is the practice of watching television for longer time spans than usual, usually of a single television show.
    Example: I’m a television addict. Binge watching BBC TV series has become my latest habit.

  21. Steffanie huang permalink

    carbon footprint (26)
    The amount of carbon dioxide or other carbon compounds emitted into the atmosphere by the activities of an individual, company, country, etc.
    EX: Using more over-packaged goods is not a good way to decrease carbon footprints.

  22. 01 Bill permalink

    Twerk is a kind of dance which contains sexually suggestive movements.
    Ex: Some people twerking in the party.

  23. Lesley36 permalink

    a self portrait in a drunken state
    ex:Lucas took a drelfie when was drunk yesterday.

  24. Rou-Chun 18 permalink

    5.omnishambles :omni-, meaning “all”, shambles, meaning a situation of total disorder.
    中文意思: 極度混亂、全面失控的意思
    EX: After the movie star comes, the occasion becomes omnishambles.

  25. 20 Candy 7 Kevin permalink

    Bitcoin, n.: a digital currency in which transactions can be performed without the need for a central bank.
    EX:Bitcoin has been a subject of scrutiny due to ties with illicit activity.

  26. 陳俞利 23 permalink

    drelfie (=drunken selfie) 自拍喝醉的樣子
    Ex: He posted his drelfie on his blog to show us that he was in a bad mood.

  27. welfie (n) 健身的照片
    Some peolple would like to take welfie after exercising to show peolple how healthy they are

  28. 吳家綺 15 permalink

    2. binge-watch (v.)

    Definition: to watch (multiple videos, episodes of a TV show, etc.) in one sitting or over a short period of time (from )

    Ex. Binge-watching isn’t the only term to describe new media-consumption habits.

  29. 劉謹華 32 permalink

    Many large retail chains have failed to keep up with the pace of e-commerce and transition to online sales, due to being increasingly captured by online operations with lower prices and it make consumers showroom for the best buy.

  30. Lily permalink

    12.Credit Crunch :極度信用緊縮

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