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An evil Christmas figure-Krampus

December 22, 2013

Christmas is meant to be full of blessings and happiness. Kids around the world are expecting the visit of the generous Santa Claus. However, does every kid deserve a nice Christmas gift from the kind white-bearded old man? Of course not! In ancient German folklore, there is an evil Christmas monster called Krampus, who punishes children who have misbehaved.

A lesson for the naughty kids

This one is hilarious!

The history of Krampus

A bedtime story about Krampus

Krampuses walk in a parade


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  1. Krisztina permalink

    Hi Patty, do you know that this Santa doesn’t come around Christmas? It comes either on 6th or 8th Dec, depending on the country. And at Christmas either “the baby Jesus” or angels bring the presents. Actually, on Christmas Eve in most countries where Krampuses are around 🙂

  2. Hi Krys, I saw on wikipedia that young people dress up as Krampus at the eve of Saint Nicholas Day ( Dec. 5th ). It seems that some European countries and Australia have different Santas from America. BTW, it’s great to see your message. ^^

    • Krisztina permalink

      Yep! Kids have to clean their boots, put them in the window and the goodies come by the morning 🙂 or “tiny brooms” if you didn’t behave…

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