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Beautiful bookstores around the world

November 10, 2013

6831101115_d98bb7da4a_o  ( Bookworm in Beijing, sourced from )

My mother ran a bookstore for more than ten years. Ever since I was in elementary school, I had to clerk in our bookstore when Mom was busy doing household chores or delivering stationery to nearby offices or companies. I used to grab a Sherlock Holmes or a fairy tale book when I was taking care of the business. However, it sometimes turned out to be a loss of money for Mom because I would get so obsessed with what I was reading and overlook the sneaky shoplifters. My grandpa said that I was the worst clerk he had ever seen. Our bookstore was closed in my college’s sophomore year due to the blooming of the large bookstore chains. Over the years, somehow I am used to be surrounded by books, and my room is also filled up with the books I treasured.

Last Saturday my husband and I went to Eslite ( 誠品 ) and I noticed a book entitled, The 20 Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World. Instead of paying 500 dollars to buy one, I found some great pictures and introductions on the web. I was thrilled to see VVG Something, a renowned bookstore in Taipei, was also on this dream list.


VVG something

( A famous bookstore, VVG Something in Taipei )


( Cafebreria El Pendulo in Mexico City, sourced from )

The following is the original report from

The Chinese Version

Visit the websites above and choose the bookstore that you would like to visit most. Please write down why your are attracted by it.


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  1. kevin permalink

    Wow!!! The library are beautiful. they all had different style.

  2. Lily25 permalink

    I think I’ll prefer the Beijing one, the classical style is more suitable for reading a book for me.

  3. Noah 39 permalink

    The bookstore I love the most is the one in France called Shakespeare & Company.
    The store looks just like ones that appear in Harry Potter’s movie, and it has a sense of retro, which is my personal big favor. By looking at the pictures, I am sure that I can have a really good time there.

  4. Sally (29) permalink

    I like Selexyz Bookstore the most. It looks like an old castle. I think that everyone can be inspired by the bookstore when reading books there.

  5. ChavesYeh permalink

    I love the one in Porto, Portugal and the one in Buenos Aires, Argentina!
    The two bookstores are so gorgeous that I can’t even imagine how great it will be if I could someday visit there and spend my whole day reading there!

  6. Nani permalink

    I like the Poplar Kid’s Republic. It’s in China Beijing. It’s looks like a playground and it can play hide and seek. It’s must be a perfect place to read.

  7. Mike 05 permalink

    The bookstore I would like to visit is Bart’s Books, Ojai, California. Because it is outdoor bookstore, i want to visit there someday.

  8. Steffi 11 permalink

    I like the bookstore in Sau Paulo,Brazil. Livraria da Vila. The design is simple and easy. Also it’s not too crowded that makes me feel uncomfortable. It’s nice and clean.

  9. 張凱婷 permalink

    I choose to the Livraria da Vila which makes me peaseful and calm down.
    In addition, I like the design that books are used to decorate the door which is amazing.
    Then, I like the shape of the stair which is interesting!!
    20 Candy

  10. Rou-Chun 18 permalink

    The bookstore I like the most is Cafebreria El Pendulo, which is in Mexico City.
    Because it is very beautiful and it looks like a forest.
    If you study there you may feel very comfortable.
    The design of stairs is also special.

  11. sharon21 permalink

    I like Shakespeare & Company. And there is a wall where you can leave your message on the paper and stick on. And you also can look others’ messages.;)

  12. Anny 22 permalink

    At the first sight of seeing Bart’s Books, located in Ojai, California, i was totally impressed by this outdoor bookstore! I’d like to read my favorite book under the blue sky and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.

  13. Ashley 17 permalink

    i like the Selexyz Bookstore in Maastricht, Holland. it looks like a setting in Harry Potter, and it’s mysterious.

  14. Cindy35 permalink

    The most beautiful bookstore i think is Librería El Ateneo Grand Splendid, Buenos Aires, Argentina !
    Its style of arrangement really attracts me.
    If i have the chance to go that bookstore, i will spend whole day there!

  15. April 38 permalink

    I like VVG Someing in Taipei and Shakespeare & Company in Paris. I like the decoration of VVG Something which is lovely. Although the place of Shakespeare & Company is samll, I prefer have own place to read the book. It make me feel comfortable and free in my small place and it just like in my own room.

  16. Jeff & Shawn permalink

    I like the bookstore that is Bookwormin Beijing, China.
    The sight look like in a magic world.
    It make me feel excited

  17. Fion 28 permalink

    The bookstore which I love the most is Selexyz Bookstore in Holland. It looks grandeur and seems to be cold inside. I am willing to spend the whole day reading in this gorgeous place!!!!
    28 Fion

  18. kevin permalink

    I like the Beijing. It looks luxury and beautiful.

  19. meg 27 permalink

    Librería El Ateneo Grand Splendid, Buenos Aires, Argentina is my favorite bookstore. It looks like an opera,and it is filled with mysterious aatmosphere. Through the pictures, i can image how tremendous the bookstore is! i hope one day my husband will carry me there!

  20. Fanny 19 permalink

    The bookstore that I like the most is ”Livraria da Vila” in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I do love the wonderful design of that bookstore. It looks like a castle which is made of books.

  21. Yvonne 16 permalink

    I love the book store the most is Librería El Ateneo Grand Splendid in Argentina, which is rebuilt from theatre. It is such a huge place to put innumerable books. Hope I can visit the beautiful book store once in my life.

  22. John(8) permalink

    The bookstore Iike the most is Selexyz Bookstore. I think the store make a good atmosphere for people to read the book.

  23. I like the Librería El Ateneo Grand Splendid the most!! It is the most majestic bookstore that I have never seen!! Maybe it is because I lived in Taiwan! I hope that I can have a chance to visit there in the future.

  24. 余佳珉13 permalink

    The most bookstore I like is Bookàbar in Rome. Because the color of the bookstore is white which is one of the color I love. And in the picture, there are lots of space can let me slowly enjoy these books

  25. Fang-Yu Huang permalink

    When I was a kid, the most expected thing is to visit a bookstore without my mom’s supervision. From that time, I have dreamed that I could be employed as a bookstore cherk someday. I’m eager to visit the second beautiful bookstore–“El Ateneo Grand Splendid” in Argentina. It used to be a church, but now is rebuilt to a splendid bookstore. (Fang-Yu Huang 26)

  26. John(6) permalink

    I like Cafebreria El Pendulo in Mexico City.I think its atmosphere is very awesome because there are many plants and readers are surrounded by them.
    If I have the chance to go there, it must be a great experience in my life!

  27. Mia 24 permalink

    I like Plural Bookshop in Slovakia ❤
    Having a cafe in the bookstore is a wonderful idea and the design of the stairs is also amazing !
    It's a pity that most book stores in Taiwan don't provide enough places for readers.

  28. Hsuan-Yi Wu (14) permalink

    Bookworm in Beijing, china is my favorite bookstore,I like the light in there,it just like a magic world

  29. A-Hua 32 permalink

    Shakespeare & Company is my favorite bookstore in this rank list!
    It makes me come up with some scenes in the movies and animations that shows some kids or teenagers read books while chatting with each other. To me, it’s really a romantic and lovely atmosphere!

  30. Lesley permalink

    I love Librería El Ateneo Grand Splendid very much!
    It’s was a opera house before, and the decorating were amazing.
    I hope I can vist there someday.

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