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Using CNN student news in class

October 25, 2013

As I mentioned in my previous post, CNN student news is a very good learning resource. Although it is basically designed for the high school students in America, I find it a good authentic learning material for EFL. However, we may need to approach this material in some other ways. For a class activity, I would download its transcript and select a few comprehension and discussion questions provided by the website. So far I have thought up a few activities based on it.

1. News Dictation: Play a short report and ask students to dictate the words in the blanks.

2. Headlines brainstorm: After watching a report, pause and give students some time to read through the transcript. Ask them to think up a headline for this piece of news.

3. Group / Class dicussion: Students may exchange their ideas about the article. This could also be done in the class blog.

4. Story retelling: As homework, students may spend some time reviewing the news reports and retell the news stories in the next class.

5. Individual vocabulary practice: Ask students to take word quizzes on voice tube.

Voice tube is a very useful website that provides English subtitles and vocabulary practice. You can click on any words that you don’t know while listening. The words you choose will directly be added to your wordlist. What’s more, you can take word quizzes based on your chosen words, including word dictation, definition matching and Chinese to English translation. I am very impressed by this customerized function, because it can easily cater for learners of different levels. With an account, you have an access to your own learning record, your word lists and various videos of different genres and levels. You can also intereact with many Taiwanese learners here. There are more than 1,6000 Taiwanese using it to learn English now. Waste no time and join them!


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  1. What a great post! May I reblog your introduction to voicetube? It’s very interactive and motivating!

  2. I’m glad you like it. Go ahead, pal.

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