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The best cities in the world

October 19, 2013

Do you love traveling? Condé Nast Travelera, a well-known American magazine, announced the winners of its 26th annual Readers’ Choice Awards. Condé Nast Traveler stands for “Truth in Travel.” As what its name suggests, the principle of the company is that the magazine’s contributors receive pay only from the magazine, and not from members of the tourist industry. In addition to writing and photography about various popular as well as exotic locales, the magazine also rates travel destinations and travel facilities such as hotels and airlines. The ratings emerge primarily from the annual readers’ survey, which results in the Readers’ Choice Awards(RCA) and a variety of other survey-based awards published throughout the year.

The following is a report from CNN, in which you will see the beautiful pictures of the top ten best cities in the list.

Visit the website of Condé Nast Travelera, and your heart may fly to a remote land before you notice it.

I have been to 11 cities in this list, including Florence, Rome, Siena, Bruges, Vancouver, Kyoto, Prague, Victoria, Paris, Venice and Barcelona.  My preference does not completely coincide with the ranking. I love the tranquil and holiness of Siena. I am impressed by the Japanese-style temples and stone pavement in Kyoto. I still remember dining at open-air resturants with reasonable prices late at night in Prague. Gaudí’s Architecture in Barcelona makes the city tour an adventure in a fairy tale. Venice is the city where I lost my heart to.  Yet, Florence, Vancouver and Victoria do not appeal to me as much.

I think the ranking of the best cities can be considered as a reminder of the beautiful cities in the world. Every city, like a person, has its own beauty. We may encouter them in a certain period of our lives, and they will also present themselves to us in a particular season, festivity, weather, etc.. It is a bliss to be able to travel to different cities, experiencing various cultures and lives in the world.

Top cities in the world

1. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

2. Budapest, Hungary

3. Florence, Italy

4. Salzburg, Austria

5. Charleston, South Carolina, United States

6. San Sebastián, Spain

7. Vienna, Austria

8. Rome

9. Siena, Italy

10. Québec City

11. Cape Town, South Africa

12. Bruges, Belgium

13. Vancouver, Canada

14. Kyoto, Japan

15. Prague, Czech Republic

16. Kraków, Poland

17. Victoria, Canada

18. Sydney

19. Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States

20. Seville, Spain

21. Beirut, Lebanon

22. Paris

23. Melbourne, Australia

24. Venice, Italy

25. Barcelona, Spain

Top cities in the United States

1. Charleston, South Carolina 2. Sante Fe, New Mexico 3. San Francisco 4. Honolulu 5. Chicago

Top hotels and resorts in the world

1. Lodge at Kauri Cliffs in Maturi Bay, New Zealand

2. La Residence, Franschhoek, South Africa

3. Singita Sabi Sand, South Africa

4. Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve, South Africa

5. Grand Hotel Timeo, Sicily

Top international airlines

1. Singapore Airlines

2. Emirates

3. Virgin Atlantic

4. Etihad Airways

5. Air New Zealand

What is the city you want to visit most? Why?


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  1. Erinis Yu permalink

    London has always been my favourite. Those days hanging around streets in London was probably the happiest time in my life so far. I absolutely want to visit there again.

  2. There is no accounting for tastes. Many people would agree that many great cities are missing in this list. Edinburgh, for example, is one of my favorite cities.

  3. Yes! Leave alone those popular sites in the world.
    I would like to travel Mexico to experience the life pace and culture there!

  4. ChavesYeh permalink

    Though I’ve never been to Japan, but it has always been my dream country. And the city in Japan that I would most like to go to now is Kyoto, which is on the list,too! I love everything about Japan! Hope that I can live there someday. And maybe…..Disney Land is a city, I guess:P

  5. Anny22 permalink

    I’d like to travel London to enjoy the classic atmosphere there!
    It has always been my dream to visit there

  6. meg 27 permalink

    I want to go to England to taste their local dessert at tea time and enjoy the romantic atmosphere there. If I have money…

  7. April Hsieh permalink

    I love England very much and London is the place I would like to go. If I have an opportunity, I want to visit London by myself before I’m 30. What I have image is that I walk leisurely on the street at night with beautiful night view. How wonderful it is. I love the building and lifestyle in London and I want to live there. 🙂

  8. cindy 35 permalink

    Those foreign countries are very fascinating !
    i’d like to go to Québec City because the night scene here is so charming!

  9. Fion 28 & A-Hua 32 permalink

    we would like to take a trip to Alaska, US because we both want to appreciate the magnificent aurora there one day in the near future.

  10. Noah permalink

    I have been to Honolulu twice and it’s just so beautiful!
    It’s my favorite city so far and I think it’s the best city in the world.

  11. Mike 05 permalink

    I want to visit Paris the most. Because it really beautiful there.

  12. Fanny19 & Mia24 permalink

    Why is there no Ireland on the list ! Fanny has dreamed about going to Ireland after she watched the movie ” P.S. I Love You ” and Mia doesn’t like any country listed above. We would like to go to Ireland toghther 😐

  13. Sally 29 permalink

    I want to go to Kyoto to watch the beautiful sakura and visit the ancient temples there.

  14. Kiki 15, Candt 20 permalink

    The best city I want to visit is Japan.
    Those comic books from Japan are very interesting.
    By the way,it’s said that their environment is very clean.
    In addtion,I want to visit the shrines there because I want to pray for luck.
    Shrines just like temples in Taiwan.

    Candy 20


    Florence is the city I want to visit the most which is located in Italy.
    I had seen one of sceneries in Florence in the TV show.
    That is such a wonderful lavender field that it attract my attention.
    After this, I also find a lot information in the Internet.
    I think it is a very romantic city that I must go there in the future.


  15. Tiffany Huang permalink

    I eagerly want to spend two weeks traveling in Sapporo, Hokkaido! I can image that I’m eating miso ramen surrounded with a white snow scene. I wanna take the railway to browse the wonderful beaty of Sapporo and freely write down what I see. (by Tiffany 26)

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