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Japan switches off nuclear power

September 25, 2013

Ohi reactor

16 September 2013

Japan is shutting down its last functioning nuclear reactor, with no timetable for a restart. The closure highlights the changing fortunes of nuclear power in a nation that was once one of its biggest users – until the accident at Fukushima.


John McManus

The reactor in Ohi is one of only two in Japan that’s been operational since July 2012. Reactor No 3 at the site was taken offline nearly a fortnight ago, and now the operators of Reactor No 4 have begun shutting it down too.

The plant‘s owners are amongst four companies who want to restart their reactors in the future, observing new safety guidelines. But the memories of the accidents at Fukushima in 2011 have left most Japanese people opposed to nuclear power.

The country’s Prime Minister, though, wants to bring nuclear energy in from the cold. Shinzo Abe says that Japan can’t carry on paying the high costs of importing gas and oil, in order to keep the country’s lights on.

Some household electricity bills are now 30% higher than before the Fukushima accident, and analysts think the rises are set to continue. And the price of importing more energy from abroad has helped to inflate Japan’s trade deficit.

Yet even if every nuclear reactor was brought back online many of them are reaching the end of their 40-year lives, which means a decision will have to be made about whether to replace them.

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Are you for or against nuclear energy, why?


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  1. Noah 39 permalink

    I am against nuclear power, because I think the econimic development shouldn’t be based on the safety of our homeland.

  2. Mike05 permalink

    I against nuclear energy because i think it can replaced by other energy resource, such as wind,sun and water. And the nuclear energy may cause some dangerous problem.

  3. Steffi permalink

    I am not really on any side. There’s no alternative energy that can afford the usage of electricicy in Taiwan so far. Even I’m against nuclear energy, the government won’t stop constructing it.

  4. Saiiy Yang (29) permalink

    I agree with the construction of the fourth nuclear power plant, because there is no better alternative energy now in Taiwan.

  5. Lesley36 permalink

    I against the nuclear energy, because it may pollute the environment.
    Maybe we can search for some alternative energy.

  6. I am against nuclear energy ! Becauce it is very dangerous especially such a tiny land as Taiwan. I hope we can others alternative energy which is green and harmless.

  7. Nani12 permalink

    I against nuclear power. It’s too danger if there is a disaster happen, and it will pollute the environment.It will spread into soil,and the crops will become toxic.If we eat these toxic crops, we will have health problems, even birth pinying in the future.nani12 Ashley17

    • Hi, Nani. What do you mean by ” birth pinying? ” Is “mutation” the word you are looking for?

  8. Rou-Chun 18 permalink

    I against !
    I think this is very dangerous and bad for our health and life.
    Maybe we can find another green and clean alternative energy. 😀

    • Sarah37 permalink

      Yes, as the our technology advances, we must find green and clean alternative energy.

    • nani12 permalink

      Good comment.

  9. Anny 22 permalink

    I am totally against nuclear energy because i think there’s must be other alternative energy !
    And the nuclear power is so dangerous that once there’s an earthquake, our homeland will be under the potential danger.

  10. Cindy 35 permalink

    I am against nuclear energy!
    We could saw the devastion in Japan, it was so scard!
    i don’t want to see the same incident happen in Taiwan!

  11. sharon21 permalink

    I think nuclear power plant should be replaced with the green and alternative energy gradually.

  12. 余佳珉13 permalink

    I will supported to build the nuclear power plant, because it can offer us the energy.

  13. Fang-Yu Huang permalink

    Although some countries like Germany and Denmark those are against nuclear energy, the government in Taiwan dosen’t declare its standpoint. I think that Taiwan isn’t like above countries that they have other alternative natural energy to generate electricities. Despite many oppositions, I still support this policy. (Tiffany 26)

  14. Tina 31 permalink

    I am against nuclear energy, because it will lead to environmental pollution.

  15. angela permalink

    I’m against it. Nuclear power can be very dangerous. I think if we want to generate energy we should use our natural resoures like the sun. In that way you wouldn’t put our lives in danger or damage our ecosistem.

  16. meg27 permalink

    Actually, I agree with the construction of the nuclear power plant because I think we have a huge improvement on the technology and we also have more advanced equipment to build a better nuclear power plant.

  17. Fion 28 permalink

    I’m in neutrality. Constructing the nuclear power plant has its pros and cons. If our social economic development really needs its supplement, the government can cautiously plan, but it must have appropriate amount.

  18. 劉謹華32 permalink

    all i know about nuclear energy is from some news and articles about it. to be honest, i do not understand deeply about it, but i know it may lead to a big catastrophe!

  19. April(38) permalink

    People have different perspectives about building a nuclear power plant because there are pros and cons. In my opinion, I am against nuclear energy though it will solve the problem of a lack of electricity, there are potential hazards. Our top priority is people’s safety because no one can promise the disaster happened in Japan won’t come about again. If it happened, the disasters would be beyond imagine.

  20. Cindy 34 permalink

    I’m not on any side. I think if we don’t use nuclear energy, the electricity in Taiwan will less than required. But nuclear energy is likely to pollute our earth and it can be very dangerous. So I think finding some alternative energy will be better!

    • Bill permalink

      Oh.. You can say that again. I am also agree that finding some alternative energy will be better, but in nowaday’s Taiwan, It seems too difficult.

  21. Bill 01 permalink

    I’m not on any side. I think if we don’t use nuclear energy, the price of electricity in Taiwan will go up, and people in Taiwan will be unable to afford it. But nuclear energy will pollute the environment and we can not control it completely. So, I think we should stop using nuclear energy until we find the balance between nuclear energy and environment.

    • Cindy permalink

      I agree with you! It seems that whether we support nuclear energy or against it, there will be some problems!

  22. 賴怡儒37 permalink

    I’m against the construction of nuclear power plant. Although nuclear energy can solve energy crisis, it will do damage to our environment,our health and even our next generation. We have to broaden point of view and care for the future. Today, we have had several way to generate energy such as solar energy and wind energy, but they are every expensive. However, I believe we must be able to create new ways to generate energy in the future.

    • April38 permalink

      Wow! I can’t agree you anymore. I like your ideal.

  23. Lily,25 permalink

    I’m not clear about the nuclear thing but from the event bursted out in Japan, I think it’s not a good idea to develope more nuclear thing.

  24. 吳宣儀(14) permalink

    I don’t agree with constructing new nuclear power plant.Maybe we can’t stop using nuclear power,but we can decline using it.

  25. Jeff (2) & Shawn (4) permalink

    I’m also not on any side. I know there are more and more smart phones and flats in our life. It must need a large number of energy. If there are not any nuclear reactor, the power must be not enough for our daily life.

  26. kai wen permalink

    I’m against the construction of nuclear power plant. It definately make the huge impact and the impact will hurt Taiwan’s future.

  27. Kevin 07 permalink

    Indeed there is no alternative energy in Taiwan, but I still against unclear energy. I really don’t want to see the tragedy disaster as Japan’s 311 happend in Taiwan. Energy development is important I know, but I think it shouidn’t be based on our safety. (Kevin07;Yvonne16)

  28. Shirley 23 permalink

    The nuclear power plant is definitely harmful to the environment. However, the population has exploded in the last few years and more electricity do we need. The nuclear power plant can generate a great quantity of electricity for people to use. As the result, I thank we should do scheduled maintenance to provide for any danger rather than run after oppose it.

  29. John(6) John(8) permalink

    We respect policymakers’ considerations.
    Anyway, We believe that we just hope our Earth to be better than before.
    We will try our best to be a cultivated national.

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