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First official pictures of Prince George

September 1, 2013

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  1. Steffi permalink

    I think that the baby is very cute and he is born with everonye’s blessings, not only the royal family but also the whole people in Britian. (Steffi 11)

  2. Lily permalink

    I think that born in a royal family is an interesting thing. Becuase you will start being paid a lot of attention by your countryman just the moment you born. Good thing is that you will never be ignored, bad thing is that you’ll be under a huge pressure since everyone is watching everything you’re doing. (Lily,25)

    • George is like a baby star. He can be seen by the whole world, but he can also light up the sky.

  3. Nani permalink

    We think the baby is so cute. They have two dogs and the white one call Tilly, the black one call Lupo. Prince George was bron on July 22. The baby is so lucky to bron in such family.(Nani12 Ashley17)

  4. Steffi permalink

    p.s. However I am more interested in the romance of their parents…lol

  5. E301 22 permalink

    I think George is going to have an wonderful life 😀

  6. John (6), John (8) permalink

    Prince George was born on July 22.
    His parent took him home from hospital on Juiy 23.
    I hope prince George can be a strong and smart King.

  7. Sally permalink

    I think that the baby is so lucky to born in such family. They are the most wonderful family that I have ever seen.(Sally 29)

  8. 劉謹華 permalink

    As Prince William said, he thinks it is nice that people are so interested in seeing his newborn son. Looking at their family portrait, we found that this charming newborn baby brought joy to the family and they all look cheerful with sweet smile on their face. Hope there will be more news about their daily life soon! (Fion 28, Jean 32)

    • Well-written! You two can keep an eye on their news on the web. Welcome to share your findings with us.

  9. Chaves&Noah permalink

    There is even a city called Prince George in Canada! How funny is that. (Chaves 30, Noah 39)

  10. Sharon 21 permalink

    Prince George was born on July 22 and was taken to home from hospital by his parents on July 23.

  11. I think the prince George is so lucky to be a member of royal !!
    I’m so envy toward him !

  12. Kevin permalink

    The picture shows that this family will be more happiness after the baby George was born. We hope he could grow up in pacific. (Kevin 7, Yvonne 16)

    • I beleive his family will be much happier after he was born, and he will grow up safe and sound.

  13. Mike 5 permalink

    I saw a reply about this picture. They said that it was a really bad quality pictures! The worst homemade pics I have seen in a long time, a shame as first pics for a royal baby. I think it was not taken by a professional photographer,so do not look too hard.

    • What you read is a bitter comment, but it’s quite interesting to relate it to the fact that it’s not taken by a professional photographer.

  14. Bill & Cindy (01&34) permalink

    After watching the interview of Prince William and several reports, we think that Prince George is so cute and he must have wonderful parents. His mother is beautiful and his father is sincere. Hope Prince George will grow up happily.

  15. Mia and Fanny permalink

    After viewing these websites, we think being a reporter is very easy because they just need to copy others’ articles and change some words. We consider that Kate is skinny and has a graceful temperament while William is only 31 years old but he is baldness. We also find that Prince George was born on July 22 and his parents took him home on July 23. In a CNN interview Monday morning, Prince William said’’ As any parent knows, you’re only too happy to show off your new child and, you know, proclaim that he’s the best-looking or the best everything.’’ As a result, we begin looking forward to becoming a mother.
    No.19 & 24

    • You are quite right. Many reporters simply change others’ articles and make them theirs. It is not what a professional journalist should do, though.

  16. Steven permalink

    What a lovely good news! I think this child is very lucky to born in the Royal family. God bless him and his father’s hair line. (Steven 03)

  17. Johnny permalink

    I think the black dog is so cool,maybe it will be the king after George’grandfather and father die.(Johnny 09)

  18. April(38) permalink

    I think that I can feel how delight William and Kate are for Prince George’s coming. Prince George must be very handsome when he grows up.

  19. TIffany permalink

    I’d seen a piece of news about Duke Cambridge picking up his newborn baby and wife in person. I think that he is a good father and husband.(Tiffany 26)

  20. Rou-Chun permalink

    Kate is so beautiful and Prince George is very cute. (Amy 18)

  21. JEFF permalink

    We think this is a symbol that they are a happy family
    They don’t want let others to bother them ,so they don’t ask any photographer .

    02 & 04

  22. KIki(15.20) permalink

    Prince George’s name only took 2 days to be decided. It even faster than his father,Charles.
    He is given a name to George Alexander Louis. Medias in England think the name “George” represent the king cause there were 6 kings named George in the history.

    The gambling company even caused a loss of more than 750 thousands pounds because most people bet that George is the name which would be given to. XDD

  23. You have found many interesting anecdotes, Kiki. I am impressed.

  24. Shirley 23 permalink

    Kate is a very elegant and amiable woman in people’s mind. Everyone loves her and her happy family. News of her pregnancy acted as a tonic on all of British. I had thought the royal baby would be a little girl, but he truly is a beautiful baby boy! Maybe his mother is so pretty that I wholly wish she had a daughter! May little prince grow with joy and happiness. 🙂

  25. Thanks for the comment. It’s well-written.

  26. Lesley36 permalink

    George is so cute and small!
    Hope he have a wonderful life!

  27. Tina permalink

    I think although Prince George is only a baby but he already has very big influence force.(Tina 31)

  28. 賴怡儒37 permalink

    I’m glad that Prince George of Cambridge was born. His father said he’s naughty and energetic, I hope he can keep on.

  29. Amy permalink

    They look like a sweet family.I hope George’s parents won’t quarrel forever.

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