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There’s no Santa? I hate you!



Peanuts_Charlie Brown Tree

Inspiring talks on education

Every kid needs a champion  ( 8 minutes )

How Schools Kill Creativity? ( 20 minutes )

How to learn? From Mistakes. ( 10 minutes )

The qualities of a good teacher.

Last Midterm Exam in high school

這三篇各考一則考克漏字 ( 每則5題 )

Korean Government Seeks Death Penalty for Captain

Mass closing of University English Departments

Taiwan’s First Budget Airline

這三篇各出10 題單字選填 ( 從單字列表例句中出)

vol197 vol198 vol199


共出50 題

Trust yourself, you can make it!

I drew this picture last year for my homeroom students who were about to

take the Technical College Entrance Exam. I would like to send this message

to class 301 this year. Trust yourself, you can make it.


Should tourists go to Antarctica?


Should tourists go to Antarctica? 你想去南極旅遊嗎? – BBC UK China

Where should an adventurous tourist go? After you’ve done sightseeing in London, shopping in New York, savoured the local food in Paris, and danced to your heart’s content at the Brazilian carnival, where else can you go? What exotic tourist destination awaits you?

Well, Antarctica sounds like the holiday of a lifetime! It’s considered the last great wilderness on Earth. Just a few scientists in research stations share the icy landscape with penguins and other animals which can cope with the low temperatures.

Tourism began in Antarctica in the 1950s and it’s still small scale. About 37,000 tourists are expected there this season, but many won’t even leave the boat.

The BBC’s Juliet Rix visited the frozen continent and asked herself if she should be there at all, causing potential problems to such a sensitive environment. Her tour guide admitted that all visitors leave a footprint and they all go to the same places, the accessible coastline, which is also where the penguins and seals go to breed.

But some people believe that if carefully controlled, tourism can be good for Antarctica. It has no native population and it needs advocates. Visitors to the icy continent might be ready to support and even to fund its preservation. And they’re likely to engage in the discussion about global warming, which has led to the melting of glaciers.

According to Rix, guidelines are followed when you’re about to set foot in Antarctica and tourists have to disinfect their boots to make sure no alien species are introduced.

And once on land, there’s no eating or smoking. Rocks, bone fragments – nothing should be taken as a souvenir and nothing should be left behind.

Tourists fortunate enough to visit the Antarctic must be aware that this is not their home and keep their fingers crossed that future generations will also be able to enjoy such breathtaking views.

Selfie-stick ban in museums


Selfie-stick ban 博物馆禁止在室内使用自拍棒 – BBC UK China

Selfie-sticks are all the rage among tourists in Paris, especially Asian tourists. The expanding poles allow you to hold your mobile device at a distance of several feet, in order to get a wider picture of yourself, your friends and whatever’s behind you.

But increasingly museums and galleries are worried not just about the disruption from group-selfies, but also the risk posed to pictures, tapestries and sculptures from people brandishing long sticks in crowded rooms.

Signs are now going up in Versailles saying they are banned from use: the Louvre and the Pompidou Centre are likely to follow suit.

Drug Bust Nets Young Actors

Jackie Chen Son Jaycee Chen arrested in China for drugs, Taiwan Actor Kai Ko also busted

Jaycee Chen and Kai Ko in Beijing’s drug bust

Jackie Chen’s son and Kai Ko arrested in Beijing for marijuana possession

Listening comprehension

1. How old is Pinky?

2. What is Pinky’s physical condition?

3. Why do you think Pinky loves to hold people’s hands?

1. How many people were on board when the TransAsia ATR 72-600 crashed?

2. How was the amateur video shot?

3. According to Taiwan Civil Aeronautics administration, how many people were confirmed dead? How many people were   injured and how many were missing?

4. Where did the accident take place?

1. Where did the shark attack take place?

2. Who is the victim?

3. How did the victim die?

4. How old was the victim?

5. Will the shark that killed the man be destroyed?

1. Where did the 200 Pilot Whales beach?

2. How many of the whales have died?

3. Is a mass whale beaching a common event?

4. How long can an adult Pilot Whale grow up to?

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